Westworld mobile game out this week, play God or play hero

Next to Game of Thrones, HBO's other hit series is Westworld. And like any hit show or film, it naturally has a mobile game tie-in. That game, simply called Westworld, is hitting Android and iOS app stores this week and is almost a perfect match for the series' fictional simulation theme part. But make no mistake, this is no child's play.

As you might have already guessed or read, Westwold, the mobile game, puts you in charge of the Delos theme park where you practically try to do what any Delos employee is hired to do: keep paying Guests happy. In this particular game, that involves creating Hosts (the androids) and then pairing them up not just with the desired fantasy of a guest but also with their "hat" colors.

The Westworld mobile game is pretty much like your stereotypical sim game like, say, Tiny Tower or Fallout Shelter, just themed differently. It can be a bit overwhelming as well, having to manage multiple Guests and simultaneous interactions and Journeys. How's one person to keep up with all that? No wonder the Hosts considered Delos as slave drivers.

Unlike Tiny Tower or Fallout Shelter, though, Westworld does inject a bit of the show's narrative into the game. Aside from visits from the man in black, there's also an ominous message right at the start, hinting at some sinister plot underfoot.

The game has actually been out in beta for a few months now in a few markets. The final version, however, will roll out globally on 21st June. So if you're fan of the show or are just curious about the idea of creating robots to do humans' bidding and what will come out of it, then Westworld is free to play, with in-app purchases, of course.