Western Digital G-DRIVE USB-C bring 10TB storage to MacBooks

The new MacBooks, especially the new MacBook Pros, are probably the most controversial MacBooks yet. The smaller models ditched all but one USB-C port while the Pros ditched all ports in favor of all Thunderbolt 3's. That said, the decision had one positive side effect on the computing industry as a whole. More and more accessory and peripheral makers are jumping on the USB-C train to become compatible with the new MacBooks. Like this G-technology G-DRIVE USB-C device from Western Digital that brings not only external storage but also power to the MacBook.

That dual role is possible exactly because of USB-C, specifically the USB 3.1 Gen 1 specification. Or to be even more precise the USB Power Delivery standard. This allows devices like this G-DRIVE USB-C to power another device, like a MacBook, via the same port and cable it uses to transfer data.

So the G-DRIVE USB-C acts as both power bank and external storage for a MacBook or a USB device. For the former, it dishes out 45 watts. For the latter, it transfers data at 195 MB/s rates while the hard drives inside spin at 5400 RPM speeds.

The G-DRIVE USB-C is meant to work with the MacBook right out of the box. This is proven by the fact that it can quickly become a Time Machine backup. Just plug and play. You can, however, still use it for Windows PCs, but you'll have to reformat it or use a third-party utility to read and write to the external drive.

The Western Digital G-DRIVE USB-C's utility comes at a cost, both literally and figuratively. It isn't exactly the most portable or lightweight. It isn't the cheapest either. The 4 TB capacity will set you back $199.95 but if you want the full 10 TB, you'll have to be prepared to pay $449.95.