Weird tech fashion dresses let wearer type on the skirt and change color with mood

Geeks like odd clothing often that tells the world just how geeky they are. Generally, we think of the geeky guys wearing clothing of questionable taste, but there are a lots of odd garments out there for the lady geeks too. One such geeky dress is dubbed The Printing Dress. The dress has a keyboard on the corset that the wearer can use to type out a message.

That message is then displayed on the skirt for all to see. The dress is apparently made almost completely of paper. Another weird and geeky dress has surfaced as well, and this one is from Phillips. The dress you see in the photo here is made to change colors with the wearer's mood. It's sort of like and extra geeky mood ring that you wear.

The style of the Philips dress is called a bubble dress and it glows with body temperate. I think I like the idea of a dress that shows whatever you just tweeted on the front better than one that glows. The upside to a mood dress is that it might help us guys figure out what women are thinking.

[via TheDaily]