Weird Al’s 5th Mandatory Fun music video is a Sports Song

Chris Burns - Jul 18, 2014, 10:24am CDT
Weird Al’s 5th Mandatory Fun music video is a Sports Song

The fifth song in the first week of Weird Al music videos for his new album Mandatory Fun has arrived. This is “Sports Song” – the first of the collection to appear without a direct parody of a song in mind. Each of the other music videos that’ve come earlier this week have been parodies of songs that’ve been popular over the past several months.

For those of you STILL unaware, Weird Al does not ONLY parody songs that already exist. Instead, he’s a master of skew. In this case, he takes the classic marching band song – a fight song sort of thing – and turns it into a bash of the opposite team. We’d be overjoyed to sing this at some point in the future when our children hit high school without a doubt.

In this track you’ll find the real-deal Riverside City College Marching Tigers working with Weird Al to create a simple, humorous translation of the song. According to Funny or Die, the place where this video is released, “Weird Al Yankovic doesn’t need a full marching band behind him to tell you your team sucks. But it definitely doesn’t hurt.”

This is the 5th of 8 videos that’ll be released this week in support of Mandatory Fun. Now that Mandatory Fun is the #1 album on iTunes, you’ll really, really want to hit up that brand new SlashGear Weird Al tag portal for more.

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