Week-Long Verizon BlackBerry Outage Caused by "System Update"?

On Friday, Verizon BlackBerry users began to report a system-wide outage. This issue effects more than just the BlackBerry Internet Service- all data capabilities have been disabled. Only phone calls are possible. Three days later, 9to5Mac reports that the Verizon BlackBerry outage is still ongoing.

Occasional maintenance is just something you have to deal with. But downtime for an update usually won't take more than a few hours. Certainly not days on end. Verizon's reputation for reliability may take a hit if the outage continues deeper into the week. A smartphone without data is a frustrating thing- and that is the last emotion a service provider wants to provoke in their customers.

Odds are, this is just a hiccup prior to the launch of the Verizon iPhone. The sheer length of the outage is cause for concern though. Remember the Sidekick data disaster of 2009?

If you're a Verizon BlackBerry user and have (or have not!) experienced data loss over the last three days, drop us a line in the comments. It remains unclear if the outage is still comprehensive, or rolling across different areas.

[via 9to5Mac]