Week In Review 08/27/2006

I love the button-less Onyx-concept phone announced by Synaptic and Pilotfish. The Microsoft Zune turned up on FCC website as "Toshiba 1098" while the highly anticipated, RAZR-thin Blackberry Pearl 8100's specs was revealed for all to read. Canon's new EOS Digital Rebal XTi, ASUS R2H, TiVo Series 3, and Apple's Sony-made battery recalltwo scoops on the Palm's soon to be announced antennae-less Treo Lennon 750.

were made official. I was most proud of the

Sansa e280 is World's Largest Capacity Flash Memory MP3 Player : MondayFCC Approves HTC Excalibur, Samsung announced 8GB music phone : TuesdayHD DVD 2.0 Firmware Getting Released Today: WednesdayCanon EOS 400D Specs, Linux-based HandyPC S101 Caught in the Wild! : ThursdayThe Most Affordable Vertu Fashion Phone : Friday