webOS screenshots preview the Palm Pre

Palm's webOS is showing its face, courtesy of leaked screenshots from the developers' SDK.  An unnamed developer released these images, which show the Pre's platform mid-call, flaunting its status and settings pages, and in Google Maps.

The shots were not taken on a Pre handset, but from the Palm Emulator which developers can use to test their code without having a physical device.  There's no particularly fresh information contained in the images – we're particularly disappointed to see no sign of the YouTube application that was spotted in the wild earlier this month – but it's always a pleasure to see Palm's well-designed menus.

What the Synergy settings page – which shows Microsoft Exchange, Facebook and Google options – doesn't tell us is how many of each account is simultaneously supported.  Many people have more than one Google or Exchange account they'd like to use, and so far it's unclear whether having them all active on the Pre will be entirely possible.

[via My Pre]