webOS notifications designer defects to Apple

One of the things that has always bothered me about the way the iPhone gives me notifications is that they are very intrusive. You can't ignore them if you don't care what they say and you can't finish what you are working on at the time the notification appears without fussing with the notification. Palm's Pre and Pixi on the other hand have slick notification banners you can ignore easily.

Depending on if you are an iPhone fan or a big supporter of webOS devices, this will be good news or bad news. The guy at Palm – Rich Dellinger – who was responsible for the webOS' slick notification banners has left Palm and headed to Apple.

Considering that the iPhone is infinitely more popular than webOS devices this is very good news on the whole. Perhaps we can expect to get a much slicker and less bothersome notification system for a future iPhone OS.