Weber Sportscars build fast, ugly Bugatti rival

No, it isn't an origami sportscar – it's actually the butt-ugly machine that Weber Sportscars are hoping will knock the Bugatti Veyron off of its high'n'mighty perch.  7-liters of supercharged engine produce 900bhp and the company is promising that it'll be enough to hit 249+mph, passing the 0 – 60mph mark in just 2.5 seconds.

I suppose you have to give Weber some kudos for developing the machine all in-house, from the aluminium chassis to the carbon-fiber body, and it's not short of the sort of technology you need to stay stable at massively high speeds; active four-wheel drive and traction control come as standard.

The price is as-yet unknown, but you'll be pleased to hear it comes with a rain sensor.  Useful thing to have when your face is trying to peel itself off backwards.

Weber Sportscars [via Born Rich]