The new best web browser for Android

Today we're having a peek at Kiwi, a web browser based on Chromium, but made to be a whole lot better than Chrome. This web browser is for Android only – for now – and it's got features the likes of which most users will likely be glad to utilize. One of these features is a full-fledged dark mode, made for easy access and non-intrusive deployment.

Two of the most important features in this browser are ad-blocking and cryptocurrency mining blocking. That's something we've only had to start dealing with in the last couple of years – cryptocurrency mining on tiny devices like Android phones. But wait, you might be saying, why would someone try to mine Bitcoin on a phone? Isn't that absolutely foolishly futile?

Mining on a smartphone is not worth the time or energy when it's your device you're trying to mine with. The power used costs more than the crypto mined. But when it's someone else's machine, it's a different situation. Malicious parties target hundreds or thousands of devices, and suddenly they're starting to see coins roll in.

This browser is meant to block that action entirely. As the folks at XDA Developers suggest, this isn't even the most compelling reason to use the browser. But from my perspective, for you and for me, blocking miners is the feature you'll be glad you had before you need.

This device has a number of features you'll also be glad you've got onboard. They might also appear to you to be features you never knew you wanted – but they'll be indispensable once you start making use of the lot of them.

• Pop-up blocker (imperfect, but nice)

• Automatic GDPR acceptance

• Notification Blocker

• Background YouTube play

• Background Vimeo play

• Latest Chrome Canary features

• Ad blocker

• Cryptocurrency mining blocker

• Night Mode (Dark Mode)

• Stop AMP option

• Screenshot saver in Incognito Mode

• Delete History after 30 days

• Home Button

• Exit Button

The browser is free, and the developer goes by the name arnaud42 – or Geometry OU on Google Play. You can download this browser over at the Google Play app store right this minute if you do so choose. Have at it!