Weather Barbie - Weather Station

Ever feel the urge to go back to preschool so you can have the little man on the board wearing the raincoat on wet days or a jacket in the spring? Well now you can have an electronically generated version with the animated weather forecaster. I am a huge sucker for all these little weather gadgets, I don't actually own one yet, but one day I will. Then again, I'm a slight science dork.

This weather forecaster is designed with kids in mind. They can go and see what the "weather man" is wearing and figure out what they need to wear for the day. For some very strange reason it has a snooze alarm, which I'm sure they have a very good reason for adding. I just wish they would tell me with that reason is.

The weatherman's clothes change according to the barometric pressure, he has about 15 outfits. They need a girl version of this, it could be my new Barbie doll and we could buy some cute little handbags to go with her yellow raincoat. It doesn't list a lot of the features; however it would be great if you have a family. You can purchase your "weather man" for $39.95.

Weather Station With Animated Forecaster [via OH Gizmo!]