wEASEL smartphone stand sticks to your device with tape

I ran across an interesting new smartphone stand today that should work with just about any smartphone as long as it has enough room on the back to stick the stand without blocking the camera. The stand is called the wEASEL and will be debuting at CTIA this month for the first time.

The stand sticks to the back of your device with tape that is pre applied to the stand. You peel the cover off the tap, align it to your device, and stick it down. Once it's stuck to your smartphone, the wEASEL can be used to prop the device up in portrait or landscape modes.

The stand also has an extendable top section that will stick up above the smartphone to allow you to hold it with a finger. The ring can also be used to mount the smartphone in your car as you see in the pic above. That would drive me crazy though since the phone would swing back and forth. Check out the video below and see the stand in action. Pricing and availability are unannounced at this point.