Weaponized frisbee sports four scalpels, isn't for playing

You have probably seen at least one of YouTube user Joerg Sprave's videos at some point or another — he has a lot involving slingshots, only they're usually fun like the time when he used an entire christmas tree as ammo. Over the weekend he dropped a new video, but this one doesn't involve slingshots; rather, he took an ordinary frisbee and, using four scalpels attached to the plastic, turned it into a fascinating flying disc of unmitigated horror wonder.

He uses an ordinary frisbee — plastic, colorful, and cheap. He posed the question, "Can we make a lethal weapon from them?" He started first with screws and duct tape, a frisbee that is ugly but can fly and, with a careful toss, stick in foam (and, presumably, flesh). He tried a second time using bigger screws and washers.

That's amusing, but he's not satisfied. He then shows us a knife that uses a scalpel blade, one that is incredibly sharp and, apparently, inspirational. He asked whether the blade could be mounted on a frisbee, which it can be. That's where the technical skills come in — he uses layers of plywood, stabilizing screws, mounting screws and blades to assemble the weapon.

The frisbee has four blades, a limitation necessary so that it can be properly thrown without cutting the person doing the throwing. It is still deadly with four blades, though — it punches its way through a cardboard box, and would do far worse to a person on the receiving end. Hit up the timeline below to see some of his other creations!