Joerg Sprave creates a new slingshot that flings iPhones

Our sling shot making pal Joerg Sprave is back with his latest homemade slingshot. This time around, he's not flicking saw blades, machetes or even ball bearings as his ammo, he is using iPhones. I think Sprave might be onto something here. In the event of a zombie apocalypse you can collect all the iPhones from the walking dead you kill off with your

saw blade slingshot

and then use these iPhones to shoot at the next zombie hoard.

The slingshot has a custom pouch that holds smartphone with some all important tweaks to keep the thing from backfiring. It would really suck to be bashed in the face by an iPhone. The iPhone really flies, the hang time when shot nearly vertically into the air is 4.5 seconds. Sprave also shoots the iPhone into a block of ballistic gel to see what it would do to a person that was shot by the thing. The results look very painful.

My favorite part of the video though has nothing to do with the iPhone chunking slingshot. The part I like is at the end of the iPhone video and shows Sprave shooting his vampire stake slingshot into the ballistic gel. That thing looks like it would kill a vampire for sure and if you hit a zombie eye you could take out its brain too.