We Love Golf to feature your favorite Capcom characters

So you might remember that I stood out in the freezing cold not too long ago in order to procure a Wii. I'll have to admit that my work ethic has been somewhat slacking since that very purchase. I've not really gotten into a golf game since I played Jack Nicklaus Golf on my Mac way back in the day. However, now that I've gotten a taste for those 9 holes in Wii Sports, I must have more. Thankfully Capcom's got my back.

We Love Golf  looks like it will be a fairly decent golf game. What will set it apart from Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf is the fact that it's for the Wii, and will take full advantage of the Wiimote. If that were the only cool thing about the game, I would buy it. But Capcom is going to add a little more to spice things up.

Since Capcom has a nice library of characters, expect to see the likes of Jill Valentine, Chun Li, Aurthur, Ken and Morrigan as playable characters. While I'm not a huge fan of Nintendo's online gameplay, it's good to hear that you'll be able to play a few rounds with a friend or two online. Unfortunately there's no solid release date just yet.

[via Kotaku]