WD TV Live And Live Plus Media Streaming Boxes Get Facebook Support, Plus More

While they didn't feel like it was necessary to have a mid-morning press event, Western Digital officially announced on Tuesday that their media streaming boxes, the WD TV Live lineup, would be getting updated to support Facebook, Blockbuster On-Demand, and even more goodies for WD TV Live and Live Plus owners to enjoy.

Due to the support for Blockbuster On-Demand, owners will now be able to rent or buy movies at the same time they would be able to buy or rent Blu-ray or DVDs via Blockbuster On-Demand in the US. As it stands, it looks like only the WD TV Live Plus set-top boxes will be able to access the Blockbuster On-Demand content.

However, if you have yourself the WD TV Live set-top box, you'll be able to freely enjoy your Facebook account, without any issues. The same goes for other features, like on-demand music service Deezer, and weather information courtesy of AccuWeather.com. What's better though, is that the WD TV Live set-top boxes will now support Bluetooth keyboards, as long as you have a Bluetooth dongle to connect to it. So, if you were accessing the WD TV Live Hub to reach AccuWeather.com and Facebook, you should be happy that the extra step is no longer necessary.

[via Electronista]