WD My Cloud EX2 Personal Cloud Storage supports up to 8TB

Shane McGlaun - Mar 5, 2014
WD My Cloud EX2 Personal Cloud Storage supports up to 8TB

WD has unveiled a new external storage solution that offers access to lots of storage space. The device is called the My Cloud EX2. It’s designed to deliver advanced network attached storage features with up to 8TB of capacity inside. The storage device is aimed at the prosumer, consumer, and workgroup users.

The NAS device is a two bay storage solution that has a number of options. The drive can be configured to use RAID 0, 1, and JBOD. It can also be set up in spanning modes. Other supported options include USB, cloud, and LAN/WAN backup options.

The drive comes out of the box in RAID 1 mode to protect data. The storage device supports centralized backups for multiple devices using WD SmartWare Pro software for PCs and Apple Time Machine for Mac users. Apps are available for backing up iOS and Android devices.

WD puts its WD Red drives into the enclosure for 24/7 use and reliability. These drives use NASware 2.0 technology to help improve reliability and to protect user data in the event of a power failure. The My Cloud EX2 is available now with the 4TB version selling for $369.99, 6TB for $469.99, and 8TB for $569.99.


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