WCCTV Nano Surveillance Now Verizon 3G-Certified

If you're in need of a convenient surveillance solution for your home or business that allows for mobile access to live video streams, then you might want to check out the Nano 3G device from WCCTV. They've just claimed to be the first to offer Verizon 3G-certified video surveillance products.

The WCCTV Nano is one of the smallest CDMA or 3G surveillance devices in the world and is designed to be portable and easy to deploy. It's compatible with most surveillance cameras and provides remote access to live or recorded video over 3G wireless connections via an embedded Verizon Wireless Modem with a static IP. It also has a removable flash memory drive with capacity options from 8GB up to 128GB.

The Nano can be powered by charger or battery and can be configured remotely. Up to six users can simultaneously view live video from six different locations, including a dedicated CCTV monitoring station, desktop PC, laptop, and smartphones running iOS or Android. Pricing details have not been revealed yet.