Waze's 'Star Wars' promo brings C-3PO voice navigation

Google has introduced Star Wars promotional content on several its services, not the least of which is Waze, the cartoony navigation app. Those who use Waze have the option to add Star Wars content, including a C-3PO voice for voice navigation. This other-world guide is "fluent in over six million forms of communication," and leads drivers where they need to go while hunting down both BB-8 and R2-D2.

The Waze maps, assuming you get the Star Wars content, include TIE fighters, lightsabers, and stormtroopers scattered around, while those aforementioned BB-8 and R2-D2 emblems are more rare and worth extra points. You can hear an example of the C-3PO voice and see the Star Wars content here.

The Star Wars content is available for both the Android and the iOS apps. To enable it, you'll first need to download the appropriate app for your smartphone. Once installed, open the menu and go into Settings. Select "Sound", then "Voice Language". From there, you can select the C-3PO navigation voice.

If you'd also like to have the Road Goodies, you'll need to join the "Force Awakens" team by going into Menu, then "My Waze", followed by "Teams" and then "The Force Awakens." For more Star Wars content, be sure to check out our related tag portal!