Wazer Desktop Waterjet is a fabricators dream

Traditional waterjet cutters are gigantic machines that take up lots of floor space in your garage and cost lots of money. A new desktop waterjet cutter has debuted on Kickstarter called the Wazer and it is much smaller and less costly than standard waterjet cutters. It's not exactly compact, but it is significantly smaller than traditional units are.

Wazer has digital control and promises accuracy and detail that is impossible to achieve by hand cutting. Wazer can cut through any material from metal to carbon fiber and tile among other materials. It needs no ventilation, provides a smooth finish to materials and doesn't warp materials due to heat.

Wazer combines sand-like abrasive particles with high-pressure water and squirts that mixture through a nozzle and through the piece you are working on. The abrasive material is called garnet and is made from rock ground to a small and consistent particle size. Garnet is non-toxic and easy to dispose of and the abrasive storage container is integrated into the machine. The cutting head is height adjustable and it gets power from a standard outlet.

Used abrasive removal is also easy to perform and dispose of. Designs are entered into a variety of software for cutting including Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator, or Google Sketchup. Files supported are DXF and SVG. Wazer has two parts with the desktop unit and the pump box. It can be ordered in a desktop version where you provide the desk or a standup version with an integrated stand. The project is seeking $100,000 and has raised over $675,000 so far with 58 days to go. A pledge of $4499 will get a batch 2 Wazer with shipping estimated in November 2017. The optional stand for the system is another $250. The MSRP for the Wazer when it launches commercially is $5999.

SOURCE: Kickstarter