Waze will now tweet about Unusual Traffic situations

While Google Maps may be the go to for getting directions and locations, when it comes to getting updates on traffic situations, Waze is still the household name. But sometimes, even the best crowdsourced bulletin can miss a thing or two that could make or break your day. It's the unusual incidents like accidents and closures that turn what could have been a perfect day for a drive into a nightmare. To help you prepare for that situation, Waze is introducing Unusual Traffic reports, now on Twitter.

Waze's Unusual Traffic makes a more detailed report of the what, where, and why of traffic changes. It does so quite intelligently by comparing what's happening now on a particular street to historical data of that same street. If the current situation is not typical of traffic, it will trigger a report.

That report will be posted on 50 Unusual Twitter covering major US cities as well as an initial select few all over the world. These posts include not only the location and, if possible, the cause of the unusual traffic but also an estimate of the additional time the incident would cause. And not to leave drivers without recourse, the tweet will include a link to a page that offers an alternate route, if one is available.

Waze Unusual Traffic is still in beta and is expected to expand its coverage soon. Waze invites traffic and broadcasting channels to make use of the new information available as long as they credit Waze as the source.