Waze update lets anyone use their own voice for navigation

Waze has long offered downloadable navigation voices that enable users to get turn-by-turn instructions from any number of celebrities or fictional characters. Assuming the likes of Morgan Freeman and Homer Simpson weren't good enough, Waze has a new feature that enables users to use their own voice for navigation instructions. The feature has arrived in the Android version of the service and is called, appropriately enough, "Waze voice recorder."

Waze is a GPS app that give users navigation instructions both on the screen and via voice. The voice instruction, as with any GPS app, tells the user when to turn and similar. The stock voices are available in male and female varieties, but Waze added an element of novelty to its app by introducing celebrity voices.

These voices are typically only available for a limited duration and allow users to hear their turn-by-turn navigation in that celebrity's voice. If you're tired of the voices expiring or you'd just rather hear your own crooning vocals, Waze for Android now has the solution.

After updating the Waze app, users can use the voice recorder feature to record their own voice as they speak various instructions. This can be found under the app's settings in "Sound & Voice." If you want to do this, be sure to set aside a brick of time — there are more than three dozen words and phrases you'll be prompted to record for the navigation set to be complete.

SOURCE: Google Play