Waze update helps drivers avoid unplowed roads this winter

Waze, the navigation app owned by Google, is popular due in part to its report functionality, which enables drivers to submit reports that help other drivers avoid various issues on the road. The latest update to this feature is the ability to report when a road hasn't yet been plowed, a key warning that will help many drivers avoid troublesome roads during the winter months.

Driving during the winter introduces a number of challenges and potential issues. Drivers must consider whether their car is capable of passing through a particular road that has too much snow, for example; the wrong turn may result in becoming stuck, delaying one's trip potentially by hours as they wait for a tow truck.

Waze already helps drivers avoid hidden cops, upcoming wrecks, objects abandoned on the side of the road, and more. Thanks to the latest update on iOS and Android, users can also help other drivers avoid routes that feature roads that haven't yet been plowed, saving them from becoming stuck or worse.

The feature appears with a snowflake icon within Waze's navigation screen, where the written instructions will also feature the words, "Unplowed road." The warnings are dependent on Waze users who report the road conditions, meaning you should attempt to make a report if you come across an unplowed road.

Such crowdsourced information may prove useful for cities as a way to help them determine which roads need plowed during the winter and whether a particular side road or neighborhood isn't getting enough attention from snowplow drivers. The update is available now.