Waze Saw 500m Map Edits By 65k Users In 2012

Before Apple released their own free mapping solution, a lot of iOS users resorted to third-party apps that offered free GPS turn-by-turn navigation, and Waze was one of the few that many users turned to. Now that Google Maps and Apple Maps are available, Waze has been becoming less important for travelers. However, the company has reported that in 2012 alone, 500 million map edits were made by 65,000 users.

Furthermore, the app's 36 million users shared a total of 90 million "reports," which include things like speed traps, road hazards, and accidents. In total, Waze recorded over 6 billion miles of driving from its 36 million users. That's a lot of gas — approximately $850 million worth based on an average 25 MPG and a gas price average of $3.54 according to the EIA.

What's perhaps even more astonishing, is that the app has reached 110 countries. Plus, back in December, the company revealed that map issues are practically fixing themselves thanks to community-driven editing capabilities. On average, map editors are resolving nearly 70% of problems in any given 30-day period, and almost all user-reported map errors are fixed within a week.

Back in October, Waze revealed that their map-editing community was growing extremely quickly, with a 40% month-over-month increase in new editors. The app's newest feature, which now includes gas stations and their latest prices, have become increasingly popular amongst users, and for good reason. The first month of the feature being live resulted in over 50,000 gas stations being added.