Waze reveals global driver satisfaction index

Waze is a navigation app that helps people get around that is available in just about every country where there are roads. Waze is always working to improve its navigation app and back in late September, Waze talked about how it was working to reduce the instance of left turns across traffic. Waze has now unveiled its global driver satisfaction index.

To build the driver satisfaction index Waze evaluated the driving experience of 50 million users of the app in 32 countries and 167 different metro areas. The ranking is given using a numerical score ranging from satisfying (10) to miserable (1). The rankings look at six key factors including traffic level by frequency and severity of traffic jams.

Waze also looked at road quality and infrastructure, driver safety based on accidents, road hazards, weather, access to gas stations and parking, and access to cars and impact of gas prices. Waze also considered the helpfulness and happiness within the Waze community. The US ranked number three on the top countries list for those wondering.

You can check out the graphic above to see the full lest of the best and worst cities. The most satisfied drivers were the Dutch. The best driving conditions in the world came out as Phoenix, Arizona. Among the worst places to be a driver are El Salvador and Guatemala.