Waze Now Offers Users More Data About The Drive Before They Get In The Car

Waze is one of the more popular GPS navigation apps used by lots of people even when they know where they're going and how to get there. One of the big benefits of Waze has always been that other users can report accidents and slowdowns, allowing you to find alternate routes to get where you're going with minimal delay. Waze has announced a new feature that brings more information to users before they get into their car.

As of yesterday, Waze was working to bring new information to users before they start driving. The app offers users a wealth of new information, including alternative routes, traffic conditions, and real-time reports allowing the user to make the best routing choice before they step into their vehicle. Knowing what your driving route looks like before you leave is particularly important to those traveling to and from work that don't want delays to make them late.

Waze says that users who want answers to questions before they start their commute, such as should they avoid the typically congested stretch of the highway, how much a toll road will cost, or why a less direct route to the destination has been suggested, can get those answers in the trip preview. The new Trip Preview shows users exactly why Waze is making its best recommendation, even if that recommendation is different from their normal path.

The update began rolling out globally on July 27. However, some Waze users may not see the feature yet and may not see it for a couple of months. Waze does say that users will want to be sure they have the latest version of the app downloaded to receive all of the latest updates.