Waze finally adds lane guidance feature, but only for beta users

Navigation app Waze has finally added a feature that users have been requesting for years, one that helps you get where you're going without any last-minute chaos. Called lane guidance, the feature alerts users about which lane they need to be in for any upcoming turns or exits, though it is only available to beta users at this point in time.

Navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps are critical when driving in new places, but depending on which platform you're using, they may lack one key piece of information: which lane you're supposed to be in to make the next turn, transition, or exit. This can result in a bit of chaos as you near the turn, forcing you to quickly get into a different lane or circle back after missing the exit.

Waze users have been requesting a lane guidance feature that will address this issue by telling the driver which lane they need to be in so that they'll be able to make the next move. The company has finally listened and rolled out this arguably critical feature, but only for users who are part of its beta program at this time.

For beta users, they'll see which lane they're supposed to take as a highlighted route on the screen, as well as lane notifications at the top of the app. If you're supposed to continue straight, for example, you'll see which of the two or more lanes you should be in; if you're supposed to turn, the app will highlight the left or right arrows so that you know to get over ahead of time.

It's surprising that it took Waze this long to add lane guidance to its app, but the addition is a welcomed one, potentially luring back users who abandoned it for more robust options. Waze remains popular for its many features, including crowdsourced alerts that warn when a cop is hidden on your route, upcoming wrecks or obstacles in the road, and more.