Waze adds PAW Patrol navigation experience: How to enable it

Google's navigation app Waze has added a new celebrity voice option, this one targeted at kids. The new voice experience brings popular children's show PAW Patrol to the app, enabling parents to get their navigation instructions in fun voices that may make the trip a little more enjoyable for young passengers.

Waze has distinguished itself from modern competing navigation apps by offering novelty voice options, past examples of which include everything from popular celebrities to Homer Simpson. This time around, the company is adding voices from the PAW Patrol pups just ahead of the show's first movie, PAW Patrol: The Movie.

As far as navigation experiences go, the new PAW Patrol option is quite robust. Users who enable the feature will get their navigation guidance from the show character Ryder, while the other pups Skye, Marshall, and Chase will help with navigation and give any alerts about the route.

Users will have the option of switching the app to use Marshall, Skye, or Chase, adding "less conventional" aspects to the driving experience, including action from the characters' fire truck, police cruiser, and plane. The experience will only be available for a limited time; as well, it is only offered in English.

Assuming you want to enable this new navigation experience, open the Waze app and then tap "My Waze." Users will see a new banner within this menu titled "PAW Patrol." Tap the banner to enable the experience, after which point it will automatically be used for as long as the option is available.