Waymo reveals the big autonomous trucking hub it's building in Dallas

Alphabet subsidiary Waymo has revealed a concept image showing the massive autonomous trucking hub it is building in the Dallas-Forth Worth region of Texas. In addition to the architecture, the company has also revealed some details about the planned facility, including that it will span nine acres and be able to accommodate hundreds of big trucks.

The new Texas-based hub will be part of Waymo Via, the company's autonomous trucking division. In an announcement on August 18, the company shared a simple architecture render of the planned facility, one that shows a sleek post-modern office building with a row of truck bays behind it.

Waymo explains that its future Dallas-Forth Worth trucking hub will serve as its main operations center in the state of Texas, at least when it comes to commercial use with its partners. As such, this hub will be able to facilitate hundreds of big trucks used for transporting goods.

The company explains that this hub will be able to accommodate its need to scale up in Texas over time, as well as facilitating its eventual need for more complex testing as the company works toward kicking off fully autonomous services.

The upcoming trucking hub will also prove useful for supporting these trucks during long-haul routes in the region, including trips to the company's Phoenix center in Arizona. Waymo didn't state when it anticipates the new operation center opening, though it did note that it is currently hiring local talent to work at the location.