Waymarkr provides the slideshow of your life

We've probably all had a 9-to-5 when you get to the end of the day and think "blimey, what exactly have I achieved?"  Well, as long as you've got a cellphone running Nokia's Series 60 OS, you'll be able to both review your day and wear your handset as an unwieldy pendant, thanks to Waymarkr and their life caching software.

Attempts have been made to visually document everyday life from the point of view of a single user for years, now, but have generally been hampered by gawky hardware and limited storage space.  With the advent of powerful mobile processors in cellphones, software environments that permits third-party applications and fast, pervasive network coverage, it's possible to use the one gadget pretty much everybody carries all the time to continuously document the day.

Waymarkr is a free download that runs on your camera-phone and regularly takes photos of whatever the handset is looking at.  They recommend you wear it on a lanyard around your neck, and rightly so as images of the inside of a pocket are far less interesting.  Having been directly uploaded to your own personal online gallery, meaning your phone will never run out of space, you're free to annotate, title and even geographically log each image; you can even make stop motion movies from a series of pictures.

This is interesting enough to make me think about picking up an old Nokia handset and a pay-as-you-go SIM.

Waymarkr [via Guardian Unlimited]