Watching the expensive LockCircle DSLR body cap being made is awesome!

Last month the cool looking, but very expensive DSLR body cap from LockCircle surfaced for about $100. The thing was meant to replace the cap all DSLRs come with made from cheap plastic that locks onto the lens area to keep dirt and debris from getting inside the camera body. The LockCircle is certainly aimed at the pro or serious amateur shooter that wants all the protection they can get.

If you thought, the price of the cap was ridiculous and wondered what justified the price, check out the video below that shows the LockCircle cap being made. The video follows the creation of one of the caps from its start as a round disc of solid billet aluminum. The thing spins in a computer controlled lathing machine and little slivers of aluminum fly as the cap takes shape.

Some of the parts of the video you can't see well thanks to the cooling fluid being sprayed on the cap. The coolest part to me is the end when the laser is zapping the knurled handgrip and marking it with the letters. I always wondered what laser etching looked like when it was being applied and now I know. This is a really cool video so check it out.

[via PetaPixel]