Watch YouTubers figure out the best fat for frying chicken at home

If you're in the mood for fried chicken but prefer to make your meals at home, Guga Foods has a new video that may improve your frying game. The YouTubers test multiple fats for frying chicken, including one that you probably wouldn't consider when planning your next meal, concluding that the best fat comes from a different bird — and it'll cost you a bit more than the alternatives.

If you've made fried foods at home, the odds are high that you've used a cheap, commonly available fat for the recipe: canola, vegetable, peanut, or similar cooking oil. This new video goes a different direction, testing three of the more 'sophisticated' fat options when it comes to making fried chicken at home: lard, wagyu, and duck fat.

All three fats are available in many stores, though you may have to visit a butcher shop to get the products depending on your location. Lard, which is made from pork fat, is the most commonly available and cheapest — but, according to Guga Foods, it doesn't make the best fried chicken.

You may suspect that Wagyu fat, which comes from Japanese beef cattle, would win the test, but that's not the case. Guga concludes that duck fat — the most expensive of the three — is, in fact, your best option for making the tastiest fried chicken at home.

Ultimately, all three fried chicken batches came out excellent and the one you prefer will come down to personal taste preferences. With that said, Guga Foods suggests that if you've never tried duck-fried chicken, you should give it a try to find out what you've been missing.