Watch toilet paper get pressed into a functional skateboard

If you're fond of the Hydraulic Press Channel, prepare to have your mind blown. The folks behind it have published a long video on their second channel showing a hydraulic press smashing rolls of toilet paper into a hard, long board, which is then transformed into a usable skateboard. To prove it works, someone hops on it and takes it for a ride, using it the same way they would an ordinary wood or composite board.

Unlike some of the other videos, this one is more than ten minutes long, so buckle in for the full ride. It's an interesting project, one no doubt born of passive for, well, pressing things. As they point out, they're creating something this time rather than destroying stuff, though the first time they tried to make this toilet paper board it didn't go so well.

The process is more involved than you'd think, first involving sawing some toilet paper rolls in half using a grinder, removing the cardboard roll, then wrapping all the paper around each other to form an oval — a thick, vaguely skateboard-like shape.

After that, a large piece of metal is placed on top to keep the toilet paper in together, and the hydraulic press begins smoothing it small bits at a time. This forms the base, which then gets another 20 or so rolls wrapped around it (it's bigger than a cat, which gets involved at one point). The absolutely massive roll goes back under the press, and that's when the real fun starts.