Watch these X-Wing and TIE fighter drones duke it out in the skies

Any Star Wars fan can probably tell you about all the times where they pretended to fly around their X-Wings and TIE fighters, pretending to have epic battles between them. This usually meant grabbing one or more and holding it in the air as you ran around making noises. Well now you can take your make-believe experiences to the next level, using drones.

One group decided it was high time that they make their own Star Wars battle with a few drones. And rather than just let it play out once, just for fun, they took things to the next level. They strapped cameras onto their X-Wing and TIE fighters, and even added some special effects to really capture the essence of the dogfight.

The end product is around four minutes long, and worth every second of watching. Prior to The Force Awakens, we'd never seen an air battle that didn't take place up in space. This battle took cues from the ones from the movie, and despite the low budget, it looks fantastic.

If you're interested in making your own Star Wars battle scene with drones, they've put together a behind the scenes video. You'll get to see some of the different drones that were actually used (and made specifically) for filming, as well as their progress from idea to working concept, to final product. You can watch that video here.