Watch these Boston Dynamics robots show off incredible dance skills

The days of a clunky robot lumbering slowly on stiff legs, its head tethered to a bundle of cables, are officially behind us. Boston Dynamics has published its latest robot demonstration video, this one showing multiple robots independently dancing — quite well — to the song 'Do You Love Me' by The Contours.

If you're expecting a slow, stiff dance, think again: Boston Dynamics' robots have surprising agility and skills, including the ability to tap their feet, move their hips, jump to new positions, and — depending on which robot you're looking at — move their 'mouth' like they're singing and dance with partners.

In fact, the dance number is so perfectly choreographed and expertly executed that, at times, it doesn't even resemble real life — you may find your brain briefly tricking you into believing you're watching a 3D animation. If Boston Dynamics' past demonstrations have been impressive, it's fair to describe this video as mind-blowing.

The video features the company's Spot ('dog') and Atlas ('man') robots, which we've previously seen in demonstrations ranging from simply opening a door to more complex things like navigating a parkour course. The robot Handle also makes an appearance with arguably the smoothest dance moves of them all.

What's the point of this video? To show off the skills, no doubt, but also to usher in the new year with a bit of fun. You can check out Boston Dynamics' other robot demonstration videos on its YouTube Channel.