Watch the fastest Super Mario Bros. game ever played

The first video game I ever played was the original Super Mario Bros. I can't tell you the number of hours I spent playing the game as a kid. Even now, I'll go back to it. It's a nice way of returning to your roots. But regardless of how many times I've played it, I'll never play the game as well as Darbian.

You might not recognize the name, but the guy is fairly well-known in the world of speedrunning. As the name implies, speedrunning is where a player will attempt to beat a certain game in the least amount of time. There are different rules for different types of runs. Darbian holds a number of records on different games, and decided to go for the gold on Super Mario Bros.

The type of run that he was working on is called an any% run, which means that you simply need to reach the end of the game as fast as you can. You can skip as many parts of the game as you want, as long as you use legitimate methods for doings so. He managed to beat the previous record with a time of 4:57:260. You might not think that you need to get so accurate with the timing, but he only managed to beat the previous record by 433ms.

This isn't the first time Darbian has held this particular record. Just last year he'd set the world record with a slightly better time, clocking in at 4:57:720. But this will be his last such record, at least for this game. In his YouTube video of the event, he states that he is finished. "I have reached my potential in this category – I'm done! My quest is over."

It's going to be difficult for anyone to beat this record, especially when you consider that the three most recent records were all only a few hundred milliseconds apart. If you want to try your hand at beating his record, Darbian has made a tutorial that can help you on your journey.

VIA: Destructoid