Watch 'Terminator 2' recreated entirely with Grand Theft Auto V

We've seen bits and pieces of movies created in other mediums, everything from pieced-together scenes from other movies to ones recreated with LEGOs, clay, animation, and more. This newly surfaced video from 'Kramer's Media' may trump them all, though, if for no other reason than its creator's sheer determination and willingness to follow through on a project: the entirety of Terminator 2 made in Grand Theft Auto V.

If you haven't watched Terminator 2 for whatever reason, or you can't quite remember how it starts, check out this five-minute intro from the original movie to get a refresher. All caught up? Now check out the video below from 'Kramer's Media,' which was made using GTA V.

It's a faithful recreation of the original movie, one that is a full hour long with the original audio overlaid onto the new footage. The characters within the fan video are styled after their actor counterparts, mostly with a high degree of success, though the lip syncing is pretty bad (we can't have everything, after all).

Unfortunately, whomever created this modern masterpiece hasn't named his/herself, and so we're left to wonder who is behind the video. Details about how, exactly, the entire project was created also weren't provided.