Watch Link get struck by lightning in new Breath of the Wild footage

In almost exactly two weeks, the Nintendo Switch will arrive with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in tow. If you've been following Nintendo's marketing efforts thus far, then you'll know that there's a lot in this game to look forward to. Today, we're getting a fresh look at some new Breath of the Wild footage, and what's shown looks awfully painful for our old pal Link.

The video you see below isn't entirely dedicated to Breath of the Wild. In the 10-minute video, Mario, Peach, and Bowser talk us through a handful of upcoming releases. The only problem is that the whole video is in Japanese, so most of us won't know what these puppets are talking about.

Still, it's easy enough to figure out. Breath of the Wild is featured for the first four minutes or so, giving us plenty to watch. We've seen some of these things before, but it does show us new stuff. For instance, we get to watch as Link stalks some of the local fauna with his telescope, presumably as he's hunting for his next meal.

We also get to see Breath of the Wild's day/night cycle in action, and we join Link on a quest to find food – climbing trees to get fruit and then cooking his meal over an open fire. As is the case with most of these Zelda trailers, the massive environments and impressive weather systems play a large role. It isn't long before we arrive at one of the coolest parts: Link strikes out during a thunderstorm wearing heavy armor, and he pays greatly for that decision as he's struck down by a massive bolt of lightning.

The footage we see here does a good job of showing how Link will interact with the world around him and, in some cases, how the world will interact with him. Zelda fans have been waiting years for Breath of the Wild, so here's hoping it proves to be worth it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases for Nintendo Switch and Wii U on March 3.