Watch Google Maps "Next Dimension" video feed here!

This morning it's time to take a look at what Google has in store for us for the "Next Dimension" of Google Maps, live via YouTube! We'll be checking out the event all morning long and reporting back to you with all the big hits, but meanwhile feel free to check out the sweetness as it gets dropped by Google live and in-person!

To check out Google's live feed, head to Google on YouTube but stick around here if you do so wish to drop any and all comments as appropriate. We've also got a Facebook group started with images from the event so you can keep up do date for later. This event is set to reveal what Google will be bringing to the tablet in light of the ever-changing world of maps and GPS tracking, and that's just for starters.

Head to the timeline below to see all of the Google Maps action that has lead up to this event, and stick around as we drop the largest bits on your piece by piece!