Watch Dogs characters: just so you know

This week the folks at Ubisoft are letting it be known who you'll be getting to know in the game Watch Dogs. "In a city of over 3 million people," the company says of the plot line inside futuristic Chicago, "you'd be surprised at how few you can trust." Today we meet the main character of Watch Dogs Aiden Pierce's friends – and his enemies.

There are more than a few characters in this game that aren't quite friends but aren't quite enemies, either. You'll find that they make with the double-crossing more than once throughout the game, both live and in cinematics.

This isn't the only video released by Ubisoft this month, either. You'll also see a feature called "Welcome to Chicago." This bit of footage lets you know how similar the Chicago of the future is to the Chicago you'd see out there today.

Below you'll see the Watch Dogs "Limited Edition" unboxing. This is Nick Smith, Community Developer for Watch Dogs opening the box in Montreal.

Finally you'll get a glimpse of the Season Pass for the game. It would seem that this game is going to be prepared for more than just its initial run, right off the bat.

Have a peek at our Watch Dogs first impressions, gameplay, and a whole lot more in the timeline below. We're seeing this game come out for several platforms soon – May 27th soon – stick around!