Watch Dogs 2 now free from Ubisoft Support with caveats

Ubisoft was originally supposed to distribute "rewards" for streamers during the Ubisoft Forward event over the weekend. That didn't work as planned. Issues caused users to be unable to log in to their Ubisoft accounts, so rewards were not distributed as they were originally intended. So they're not dropped "real time" but they're still being dropped.

Users were sent a message later yesterday which suggested that "the issue with our log in services should now be resolved," according to Ubisoft Support. "We are sorry that we were unable to fulfill our rewards drops in real-time during the show but we will be rewarding everyone with a Ubisoft account with the goods we planned to distribute during Forward as soon as we can."

UPDATE: Per the site at Ubisoft Support, users can now register to "claim" Ubisoft goodies. According to that site, the first item up for grabs is a free PC copy of Watch Dogs 2. That game will appear in a registered user's Uplay PC library ASAP – that's Ubisoft's game download and hosting service, if it weren't already apparent.

"Other in-game rewards will soon await you directly in the related games," wrote Ubisoft support. If you're still unable to work with the support system over at Ubisoft now, note that on July 13, 2020, Ubisoft dropped a note that said "Live chat support in your region is experiencing high volumes, resulting in extended wait times" for some users. This whole "give away a major game and experience high traffic to the breaking point" situation seems to be a theme here in 2020.

Ubisoft noted, too, that if you're going to claim Watch Dogs 2, you'll need to be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. Ubisoft also noted that they may need to "offer alternative giveaways, when necessary," though it would seem here that there's no reason why any alternative would be needed – but we'll see!