Watch Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot go for an untethered jog outside

Boston Dynamics has released a couple new videos featuring its robots, chief among them being one of the humanoid Atlas running outside without a cable tether. In addition to running on camera, Atlas also leaps over an obstacle, demonstrating how much progress the team has made over the past few years. This is the same robot that once struggled to simply walk outdoors.

Years ago, Boston Dynamics released a video showing Atlas — at the time tethered to its handler with a large cable — struggling to navigate in the woods outdoors. Now, less than a handful of years later, the same robot is demonstrated in the video below jogging on its own outside, including tackling a minor hill, various terrain, and leaping over an obstacle.

Compare the video above with this one, also featuring Atlas, from 2015:

Of course, no mention of Atlas would be complete without pointing out the video Boston Dynamics released late last year, one featuring the same robot completing an obstacle course. During the run, the robot pauses, turns around, and does a complete backflip off a structure:

Joining the Atlas video is a new video featuring SpotMini, the dog-like yellow robot recently shown opening a door using a serpent-like "arm." In the video below, Boston Dynamics shows SpotMini navigating autonomously through the company's facility: