Watch Boeing's vertical Dreamliner take-off from the captain's chair

At the Paris Air Show, Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliner performed the spectacular feat of a vertical take-off. It turns out that Boeing wasn't just filming the flight from the runway. The cockpit was decked out with cameras and Boeing has assembled the footage to take you on a wild ride. Thanks to an innovative "choose your view" feature that YouTube started testing earlier this year, Boeing has released a "multi-view flying display" that lets you toggle between angles of the same scene without missing a beat.

The video follows the vertical take off from the following angles: a pilot's eye view which looks out the window, a view of the pilot commanding the cockpit, and an external view of the cruising 787-9 from a chase helicopter.

Boeing hasn't disclosed the exact pitch of the steep ascent, and this multi-view video feels like an aerial roller coaster as the plane bursts through the apex of its first arc.

YouTube's "choose your view" style videos are not yet embeddable, but you're going to want to watch this on a desktop of laptop, anyways. Mobile users won't have the full range of capabilities that make this viewing experience unique. You can switch views by clicking on video thumbnails or using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Be sure and check out the full video here for an inside look at a take-off style that we hope never comes to passenger jets.

Check here for the alternate angle view