Watch Bill Gates guess how much groceries cost

Shopping for groceries isn't something most people look forward to. It takes time, there are crowds to deal with, you have to lug the items out to the car and then bring them inside from the car. It's no surprise that more convenient options like Amazon Fresh have launched to address the issue, but for some fortunate people, grocery shopping is something they never have to do. To absolutely no one's surprise, Bill Gates is one of them.

Bill Gates, billionaire, recently appeared on The Ellen Show where he partook in a fun challenge: guess how much each of five common grocery store items cost. The items were varied, including dental floss, Tide Pods, Totino's Pizza Rolls, and similar. If he got enough of them right, the audience would get a prize.

When asked how long it has been since he last visited a grocery store, Gates responded, ""A long time ago." That's what made the game fun, though, and Gates was a good sport about it. The first product was a box of Rice a Roni, which he guessed cost $5, quite a bit more than its actual $1 price.

In contrast, he severely underestimated how much a container of Tide Pods cost, guessing $4 at first, later revising his response to $10 — even Gates was surprised to learn how expensive Tide actually is (answer: $19.97). He similarly overshot the Totino's Pizza Rolls, guessing $22 for a bag that has a retail price of about $9. The last food item, a box of TGI Friday's food, he guessed and worked his way down to the close-enough price of $4.

Amusingly, though, there was one product Gates knew the price of down to nearly the penny: dental floss. When presented with a box of dental floss, Gates said, "This is my chance," confirming he "absolutely" flosses his teeth. His guess? Four dollars, which was very close to the $3.78 price. See it all for yourself in the video above!