Watch artist create detailed Millennium Falcon using sand and glue

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 5, 2021, 7:27pm CDT
Watch artist create detailed Millennium Falcon using sand and glue

The Internet has made it possible for talented individuals around the world to showcase their skills and unique creations to a global audience. We’ve seen many interesting works of art as a result, including some made from materials you wouldn’t typically expect. The latest among them is the Millennium Falcon carved from sand.

A video of the creation process was uploaded to various social media websites by creator Leonardo Ugolini, who is featured transforming a pile of ordinary sand into a faithful replica of the Millennium Falcon. The timelapse includes some details for those who may want to try it for themselves.

The completed sand vessel is used to make an amusing short video of the Millennium Falcon taking off, including a scene of a Chewbacca cutout inside of the Falcon’s cockpit. Though that’s where the TikTok version of the video cuts off, the YouTube version includes a couple of extra minutes detailing how the video was made.

Put simply, Ugolini printed multiple high-quality images of the Millennium Falcon for reference, then created a wooden foundation in the shape of the spacecraft as the base for his sand sculpture. The template was then filled in using wet sand to get the base shape for the spacecraft.

In order to maintain the spacecraft’s shape after it was finished, the artist used a mixture of water and glue to cover the Millennium Falcon with a transparent film keeping the sand in place. This enabled Ugolini to move the project for his video. As for the interior cockpit, that scene was created seperately out of sand on a flat surface in the artist’s studio.

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