Watch and listen: Sounds of Street View precedes Google's next step

You must assume that Google's next update to Street View will be in the sound realm. Until they get enough mini-drones to travel the globe for us live, they'll be relying on still images. But more than that – as proven here by hearing aid company Amplifon – they may well be moving to sound next.

So you're using your Google Cardboard VR headset to walk around your favorite location in Street View with Google Maps. And you wonder – what might it FEEL like to be here? More than seeing, what might it SOUND like?

Amplifon has created a test site called Sounds of Street View which places you in 3D space with sound. More than just one-sided sound, the team has created a software framework which allows you to hear things from the direction they'd be coming from in the Street View location you're "standing in."

More than that, they've opened up their platform to developers. Up on Github now, the step-by-step process will allow creators to make their own Street View with Soundscapes and videos as well. Web Audio API for you. How about that?

To properly experience this excellence, view the site above with stereo headphones. Sound sources will appear according to where the sounds are coming from. The same is true of the video here.

Let us know if you'll be creating a new location and we'll have a peek – and add it to this article, more than likely!