Warren Buffett skeptical on Yahoo! CEO resumé blunder innocence

Yahoo!'s embarrassing CEO issue continues to gain the company unwanted attention, with famed investor Warren Buffett arguing that the resumé blunder is a sign of internal issues around trust. "If you can't trust the people you're working with, you've got a problem" Buffett told CNBC, going on to cast doubts on whether Yahoo! chief executive Scott Thompson's incorrect degree claim was, in fact, an honest mistake.

"I don't know all the facts, but just from the few sentences I read, it doesn't sound like an inadvertent error" Buffett opined. "And I would say this, if I thought – if I had thought that, as a director, if I thought that a – an officer had consistently misstated some fact to me, I think I'd probably do something about it."

Thompson found his credentials in question earlier this month, when it was revealed that he had listed a computer sciences degree on his resumé that he did not, in fact, hold. Yahoo! has faced calls from investors to fire Thompson, with a deadline of today, but has opted not to take action against the chief exec.

Whether that strategy will continue to work out remains to be seen, but high-profile skepticism from characters such as Buffett isn't going to help Yahoo! shift attention away from the gaffe. The company is under pressure to release full hiring details not only of the CEO but of key members of the Yahoo! board.

[via Washington Post]