Warner Bros to Stand Neutral on Format War

The format war was heating up again with Pali Research analyst Rich Greenfield prediction of Warner's exclusive endorsement on Blu-Ray coming few days ago and the switch means an end to HD-DVD. The Red Camp can relax and rest assures that it's not happening anytime soon as Warner has denied its plan to stand on Blu-Ray exclusively.

Don Lindich got an official response from Warner Bros's Senior Vice President and General Manager Jim Noonan.

"We have made no decision to change our present policy which is to produce in both HD DVD and Blu-ray."

Well, If the public still can't decide which is best at this point, it probably never will until both get replaced by next generation of media. The studio is more than happy to sell both or endorse one with financial incentives.

Warner Bros. on HD DVD, Blu-ray: No changes in support for either format [via soundadviceblog]