Wargroove release date revealed for Switch, Xbox One, PC

A couple of months before Nintendo Switch launched, Nintendo published the first in what is now a series of Nindies Showcases for the platform. The idea, of course, was to show off a variety of indie games that were releasing on the Switch, not only as a way to get consumers excited for the platform, but also to show developers that the Switch was an indie friendly platform. One of the games that caught the eye of pretty much everyone during that first Ninidies Showcase was a title called Wargroove from Chucklefish.

At first blush, Wargroove looked somewhat similar to the games in the Advance Wars series, which hasn't seen a release since 2008. Almost immediately, it seems, Wargroove had people excited, but two years after it was first revealed, it still hasn't released. That will finally be changing soon, as Wargroove was given a release date today.

Leading off Nintendo's latest Indie Highlights reel, Chucklefish announced a February 1, 2019 release date for Wargroove. In a little over a week, the long wait for Wargoove will finally be over. Chucklefish also debuted a new cinematic trailer for the game during Nintendo's presentation, which you can see above.

Though Wargroove has been closely associated with the Nintendo Switch, that February 1 release date also applies to the Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Sony adherents are unfortunately being left out in the cold here, as Chucklefish says that a release date for the PS4 version will be announced at a later time.

In any case, Wargroove promises a lot of single player content, as it ships with 12 different commanders and just as many campaigns. There are four factions to side with as well, and when you've made it through that content, you'll be able to create your own maps and campaigns for others to play. It sounds like it should be an excellent little strategy title, and we'll see if it delivers on that promise soon enough.