"Warcraft" film theme and cast detailed at BlizzCon 2014

The spate of comicbook superhero themed films might have gotten the majority of our attention of late, but for Blizzard's loyal fans, the one film they're most interested in is only now taking shape. At the annual BlizzCon held last week, director Duncan Jones, whose credits include "Source Code", has shared some tidbits about the upcoming film based on the hit franchise. Colloquially called "Warcraft", the film will focus on the age old war between humans and orcs. But this time, the humans won't be the only heroes.

The film's thematic bent takes a cue from the game itself, where you can side with either camp. Jones said that it is just fitting that "Warcraft" track the lives of warriors on both sides of the fence. Whether you will be able to relate to one group or the other, or both, is of course the eternal question. But you might not be able to focus on answering that while you gawk at all the special effects that will be involved in the film. Jones describes it as a marriage of Avatar and the Lord of the Rings, and that might be fitting considering Industrial Light and Magic is lending a hand with the computer-generated orc faces.

The cast for the film has also already been revealed and, naturally, are split into two camps. For the Alliance, we have:

• Travis Fimmel – Anduin Lothar

• Dominic Cooper – King Llane Wrynn

• Ben Foster – Medivh

• Ben Schnetzer – young Khadgar

For the opposing Horde:

• Rob Kazinsky – Orgrim

• Toby Kebbel – Durotan

• Clancy Brown – Blackhand

• Daniel Wu – Gul'Dan

You might not recognize this last batch when they appear on film, as all the orcish actors will be computer generated. Except for Paula Patton who will portray Garona. She won't be completely computer generated like the rest of the cast on her side.

After BlizzCon 2014, fans are most likely hyped, but, if you're one of them, better settle down for a while. For a year even. "Warcraft" is scheduled to hit theaters only in March 2016.

VIA: Yahoo!